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DUBLIN, CA, July 11, 2018 – Dubliners United, a grassroots organization of residents who are trying to bring about positive change in local government, today announced that more than the required number of signatures for the petitions to recall Dan Cunningham from the Dublin Unified Board of Trustees and Abe Gupta from the Dublin City Council were submitted to Alameda County and the City of Dublin.

Many Dublin voters are frustrated with school overcrowding and the quality of life impacts of overbuilding of high-density housing without adequate infrastructure. Dubliners United far exceeded the required number of signatures and is confident that that recall will be certified and on the election ballot. We learned a lot through this process and became more and more efficient. We will continue to hold politicians accountable for their actions and campaign commitments.


Highlights include:

  • Over 13,500 signatures were collected over a four-month period
  • A total of 6,750 signatures for the Recall Petition Abe Gupta were submitted to the City of Dublin on June 29, 2018 which is 27% above the minimum of 5,309
  • A total of 6,874 signatures for the Recall Petition of Dan Cunningham were submitted to Alameda County on July 9, 2018 which is 29% above the minimum of 5,309. Dan Cunningham has two more years on his term through 2020
  • The effort was financed by over 150 Dublin families typically contributing $100
  • Over 200 volunteers devoted a significant amount of personal time collecting signatures and supporting the effort

We want to thank each of the voters who took the time to thoughtfully consider the merits of petition and contribute to the success of this effort. Ultimately the objective of the recall is to allow voters the opportunity to determine who should serve going forward – it is their choice.


About Dubliners United


Dubliners United’s vision is transparency, accountability, respect and fiscal responsibility in local government. Our mission is to support election candidates who truly represent Dublin Citizens’ voices and/or recall elected officials for/from Dublin City Council and/or Dublin School Board. We are a grassroots organization comprised of Dublin residents who volunteer their time and resources to monitor, promote awareness of issues, and influence decision-making in Dublin government.